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Questions and Answers

For inquiries please call (416) 260-5555
phone calls are answered Monday - Friday 9am-5pm only.

How do I redeem my voucher?
Your voucher will show a web address, please log on to that web address and make your cruise reservation.
Bookings are done by customers only on-line. We do not offer bookings over the telephone. Please remember to take your cruise reservation with you to the ship, do not take your voucher. We repeat – your cruise reservation is required for boarding.

What is included in my menu?
Please click here to view the menu.

Are there any extra charges?
Your voucher provider will charge you the special cruise ticket price. Toronto Cruise Lines will charge you the hst and gratuity when you make your cruise date booking. Total for both hst and gratuity is 19.48.

How long are the tickets valid till?
You can book your cruise up until 1 year from date of voucher purchase.

Haven’t received your Cruise Confirmation or have misplaced it?
1. Please check your spam/junk folder in your email program.
2. Or Click here for RETRIEVAL.

Will I have guaranteed seating?
Yes. We never over book. There is a seat on board for each guest.

Are children allowed on the cruises?
Absolutely NOT. We do ask that anyone boarding is at least 19 yrs of age. Proof of age may be requested upon boarding.

How long is the cruise?
Lunch cruises are 2 hours, Dinner cruises are 3 hours.

Are we allowed to bring our own food/drinks on cruise?
No. A buffet lunch/dinner is included in your ticket price. We offer a fully stocked bar which includes a large selection of beer, liquor, wine, pop, juice and water. We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Debit. Beverages are NOT included in your ticket price.

Is there parking nearby?
Please click here.

Do you sail when it rains?
Yes. With a fully retractable roof and transparent sides our upper deck is fully enclosable. The main deck is fully enclosed.

Is there music onboard?
Yes. A disc jockey will be playing relaxing music during boarding and dinner, dance music after dinner.

Voucher says redeemed?
Please make sure you have typed in your voucher code and NOT your order number.

My voucher code is not working.
Please ensure you are not mistakenly mixing the letter o for the number 0 or vice versa.
Add dashes as you see them.
Do not enter the # sign before entering your voucher code

Can our group sit together?
Yes, We have tables to accommodate larger groups. We recommend when with a large group to arrive at the ship just prior to your boarding time.

I want to change cruise dates. How can I do this?
All bookings are final. Once a cruise date has been booked by you there is no way to change that date.

Can I call your company to book my cruise date?
No. All bookings must be done online